Black cat anal glands

Customer Service for Subscribers. Find out what causes issues with cat anal glands and how they're treated. But, as I learned last week, cat anal glands can suffer blockages, too. When I brought Siouxsie in for her three-month post- radioactive iodine therapy checkup, my vet noticed something odd: One of her little sacs was swollen to the size of a marble. Needless to say, we got that taken care of right away. So, just what are cat anal glands and what do they do?
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Signs & Symptoms of Anal Gland Problems in Cats

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Signs & Symptoms of Anal Gland Problems in Cats - Glandex

Jump to navigation. For the past week my 4yr old cat has had what looks like a blob of faeces attached to the pink skin around her anus. I assumed it had just dried on and would fall off in time but a week later it's still there. I have tried 'knocking' it off with a slightly damp tissue but it seems pretty well attached. She is acting entirely as normal - no change in behaviour.
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9 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Cat Anal Glands

April 10, 0 Comments. Cats can be subtle about communicating physical discomfort. However, any cat who displays the following behaviors may need to be checked for anal gland problems:. Although cats are far less likely than dogs to have problems with their anal glands, it can happen.
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A cat's anal glands naturally express a scent-marking liquid when they defecate. But sometimes an impaction may occur that prevents the fluid from escaping. This can be painful for your cat and lead to further problems like infections. Some cats need help with their anal glands.
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